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School of Business Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The mission of the School of Business at LSU Shreveport is to educate, engage, and empower learners for future opportunities and challenges.  

The vision of the LSUS School of Business is to build our reputation, regionally and nationally, by continuing to deliver a challenging curriculum, strengthening ties with the business community, and embracing diversity.

Educate students, faculty and staff, and the community through an accessible and challenging curriculum, internal and external learning opportunities, and academic and applied business activities.

  • Deliver high quality and innovative business education, through traditional and online formats, that emphasizes core business knowledge and practical skills to expand professional career opportunities for students.
  • Provide faculty and staff with professional development opportunities that support the continuous improvement of scholarly research, instructional knowledge, teamwork, and administrative skills.
  • Develop partnerships with the business community and other external stakeholders that focus on experiential and application-based learning and expand business related professional development offerings.  

Engage students, faculty and staff, and the community through applied curricular and co-curricular activities, shared governance, and outreach.

  • Enhance student involvement in the classroom and business community through experiential learning opportunities, internships, study abroad programs, field trips, and student organization activities.
  • Involve faculty and staff in governance processes related to curriculum, assurance of learning, faculty policies, and other various committee decisions.
  • Participate in and involve the external community and business profession by offering learning partnerships, faculty expertise, applied research, consulting projects, and executive-in-residence programs.  

Empower students, faculty and staff, and the community through opportunities for personal growth, professional and technological development, and education and engagement.  

  • Provide students with opportunities to expand their educational experience through international travel, experiential and online learning, college transition assistance, and career preparation.
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse faculty and staff that is committed to improving the learning environment for students.
  • Invest in the community by creating educational and engagement opportunities that promote interaction among students, faculty, and the business community.
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