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Undergraduate Students

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The Student Success Center has formed a partnership with the Science Department to bring Supplemental Instruction (SI) for CHEM 124, CHEM 265, CHEM 266, and  BIOS 120.

What Is Supplemental Instruction?

SI is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions. SI sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and predict test items. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by "SI tutors", students who have previously done well in the course and who attend all class lectures and take notes.

SI is a "free service" offered to all students, regardless of grade level or current competency. Beginning the second week of classes, SI study sessions will be held in the Student Success Center on the first floor of the Noel Memorial Library.

To find out more about sessions and times check the SSC Moodle page. 


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