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Staff Senate

How to Get Involved

Staff Senate invites you to submit your name for an open Senate position. Senators serve a three (3) year term, which begins May 1 and end April 30. Staff Senate represents all members of the University staff.

We would like you to get involved by lending your service and expertise to our Senate. The University encourages employees to attend Senate meetings and participate in Senate membership and activities. If you have been a full-time staff employee at LSUS for at least one year and are interested in submitting your name for one of the vacancies, you may do so by written application, nomination, or appointment.

Staff Senate needs your energy, interest and support to continue growing in responsibility, recognition and support for the University staff. Whether your concerns are about leave policies, staff or benefits or something else entirely, please consider submitting your name for membership today.

Attendance is very important at Staff Senate. You are required to attend one meeting a month and non-attendance will be cause for removal. If you cannot meet the time commitment, please do not apply.

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