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Staff Senate

Committees and Reports

Click on the committee name below to find out what its purpose is, who sits on the committee and to review the reports (if available).

Benefits & Policies Committee
Purpose: Shall maintain an ongoing study to determine the needs of the staff; review and make recommendations regarding policies pertaining to conditions of employment, employment grievances, promotion, compensation, leave, insurance, retirement, and other fringe benefits affecting the welfare of the LSUS employees and their dependents. 

Crisis Leave Program Committee

Election Committee Committee

Holiday Luncheon Committee
Purpose: Planning of holiday and spring luncheons for faculty and staff.

Long Range Planning & Review Committee
Purpose: Shall maintain an ongoing study to determine future needs and priority of University matters relating to staff; advise the Senate on matters identified by this committee and other Senate committees worthy of consideration; review the work of other committees ans assist them when appropriate to accomplish their objectives.

Payroll Deduction Committee
Purpose: To investigate the possibility of having a voluntary payroll deduction at LSUS to support Staff Senate functions.

Staff Senate Scholarship Committee

Staff Training Committee
Purpose: Provide opportunities to train LSUS staff on the areas of their specific needs. 
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