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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Consumer Information (right to know information)

The university will provide students with information on the following:

  • All financial aid programs administered by the institution including federal, state and institutional programs;
  • Procedures and forms to be completed, criteria for selection and for determining the amount of the award;
  • Rights and responsibilities of students under the federal programs including criteria for continued eligibility, criteria for determining "good standing" and "satisfactory progress" and how to establish "good standing" and "satisfactory progress" for those who have failed to maintain these standards;
  • Means of making award payments to students and frequency of such payments;
  • The terms of loans received by a student, sample repayment schedules and required loan exit counseling;
  • The general terms and conditions applicable to student employment;
  • The cost of attending the university, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, estimated cost of typical room and board charges and transportation for students living off campus or at home and any additional costs of specific programs in which the student indicates an interest;
  • The refund policy of the university for the return of a portion of fees to resigning students and the policy governing refunds owed by a resigning student to the grant and loan programs from which that student received assistance;
  • The criteria for measuring satisfactory academic progress, and how a student who has failed to maintain satisfactory progress may reestablish eligibility for federal financial aid;
  • Information on preventing drug and alcohol abuse;
  • Information regarding the availability of SFA funds for study abroad programs, and that a student may be eligible for SFA funds for attending a study abroad program that is approved for credit by LSUS;
  • The academic program including current degree programs, physical facilities and faculty;
  • Copies of documents describing the institution's accreditation and the names of the associations, agencies or governmental bodies which accredit LSUS.

To obtain this information, students should contact the financial aid director at AD 159 or 318-797-5363 or visit the Guide to Consumer Information.


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