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Student Handbook

Staying Well

To LSUS Students:

We are pleased to provide you Campus Well, a collection of publications related to college student health and wellness. The collection includes:
·    An interactive e-magazine which is updated monthly throughout the academic year
·    A self-care reference guide
·    An orientation issue which can help students better acclimate to college through a healthy living perspective
·    A monthly companion piece specifically for parents of college students  

The information presented in this wellness publication is by no means comprehensive or final, but simply represents some basic information relevant to a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate students and parents. We urge you to become familiar with this guide in hopes that it will provide useful information and enhance your quality of life. For additional information concerning the contents of these publications or any health concern, please contact your health care provider.

There are also additional resources on campus.  LSUS Counseling Services can provide individual assistance and contact information for community mental health resources. Free, confidential mental health screenings can also be accessed through Screenings for Mental Health. LSUS Recreational Sports also offers many programs and resources such as fitness classes, wellness seminars and personal training. We encourage you to use these resources as necessary to enhance your life at LSU Shreveport.



Paula Atkins
Dean of Students

Angel Martin
Director of Student Activities & Recreational Sports


*As a service to our students, LSUS licenses the Campus Well magazine, newsletter and other materials and information from College Health Services, LLC. LSUS is not responsible for any content, promotions, drawings and prizes offered or provided by College Health Services, LLC.














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