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Media & Public Relations

Brand Guidelines

LSU Shreveport is known and recognized throughout our region. Therefore, it is critical that the visual elements that represent the institution and its image do so consistently and with integrity.

The unauthorized use of the University's protected marks in a manner that is likely to lead to consumer confusion as to source, affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, etc. or likely to dilute the strength of the University's mark may violate the University's trademark rights and may give rise to various causes of action under federal and state law. Use of the University's protected marks without permission from the University or its authorized trademark licensing representative, Strategic Marketing Affiliates, may subject you to criminal and/or civil penalties. For more information on LSUS trademarks, please contact the Media and PR Office at 318-797-5108.  For additional information on LSU Trademark Licensing and to view the LSUS licensee lists, please visit



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