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Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
Louisiana State University in Shreveport, a premier regional university recognized for excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, and service, will foster the principles that education is more than training, that wisdom is more than knowledge, and that service to the greater society is an obligation of each educated person.

Mission Statement
The mission of Louisiana State University in Shreveport is to:

  • Serve as a teaching institution focused on the successful education of undergraduate and graduate students through bachelors, masters, and select doctoral programs.
  • Provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment in which students, faculty, and staff participate freely in the creation, acquisition, and dissemination of knowledge;
  • Encourage an atmosphere of intellectual excitement;
  • Foster the academic and personal growth of students;
  • Produce graduates who possess the intellectual resources and professional and personal skills that will enable them to be effective and productive members of an ever-changing global community; and
  • Enhance the cultural, technological, social, and economic development of the region through outstanding teaching, research, and public service.

Philosophy Statement

The mission of Louisiana State University in Shreveport will be accomplished through the efforts of faculty, staff, and students who take pride in their individual and shared accomplishments; who teach, learn, and conduct research in an environment of high expectations, ethical values, and mutual respect; and who value and protect freedom of expression and inquiry.  The university community values and promotes excellent teaching and accommodates differing learning styles in its efforts to help all students reach their full potential.

Guiding Principles

  • Student success is the focus of all university programs and services.
  • Effective advising and support are essential if students are to reach their potential.
  • On-going planning and evaluation directed toward the improvement of all programs and services enhances the university's development.
  • Innovative use of technology increases the effectiveness and efficiency of university programs and services.
  • Good teaching is essential to the intellectual growth of students.
  • Commitment to excellence is the foundation for all programs and services.
  • Diversity among faculty, staff, and student enriches the university environment.
  • A student-centered campus enhances the teaching-learning experience.
  • Research supports teaching excellence, faculty growth, and community service.
  • Integrity and high ethical standards govern every decision made and every action taken within the university community or on behalf of the university.
  • University responsiveness to community needs has a positive impact on the quality of life within the region.
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