LSUS will resume normal campus operations on Monday, March 1st. Face-to-face classes will begin at their normally scheduled time. Online classes will continue as scheduled. University offices and campus facilities will open at their normal times.
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Information Technology Services


LSU Shreveport has several policy statements which address technology issues. All students, faculty, and staff should be cognizant of the contents of the "LSUS Computer Access Policy," which details acceptable and unacceptable uses of university computer equipment and network services. The other policies address specific issues important to IT.

Please click the links below to read the full text of these policies:

Computer Access and Usage (LSUS Policy Statement 1.17.xx)
World Wide Web Publication Policy (LSUS Policy Statement 1.18.xx)
Database Security Breach Notification (LSUS Policy Statement 3.18.xx)
Email Policy Statement (LSUS Policy Statement 3.21.xx)
Identity Theft Prevention Program (LSUS Policy Statement 3.22.xx)
VPN Acceptable Use Policy (LSUS Policy Statement 3.30.xx)

The most current versions of these Policy Statements may be found on the LSUS Policy Statement page.

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