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Information Technology Services

Campus-Wide Lab

The Campus-Wide Lab is a multipurpose computer facility that services the needs of the LSUS students. It is located in the University Center, the social hub of LSUS. This lab offers free printing and scanning, as well as providing a pleasant atmosphere for studying and doing homework. Because the Lab is completely funded by the Technology Fee, only currently enrolled LSUS students are allowed to use this facility. This lab is open until 10pm most days and has weekend availability. All labs across campus will require your student ID and pin number to log in. If you need more information please call us at 318-795-4234.

Due to COVID-19 the Campus Wide Lab is closed until further notice. Updates can be found at

Campus-Wide Lab       (University Center 109)
Monday - Thursday      9:00AM - 9:00PM
Friday     9:00AM - 4:30PM
Saturday     1:00PM - 5:00PM
Sunday     1:00PM - 9:00PM





Working in the Campus-Wide Lab



  • Flexible hours
    • Several shifts are available to work around your class schedule
    • Possible maximum of working 20 hours per week
  • Further develop your computer skills
    • Troubleshoot software issues
    • Maintain computer equipment and resources
  • Interact with the student population
    • Assist students in understanding computer programs and equipment
  • Quiet environment for studying while you work
    • The Lab shares the same noise policies as the library
  • Required Qualifications:
    • You must be a full-time student to work during the Fall & Spring semesters.
    • Summer employment eligibility is based on enrollment status for the Fall semester or prior enrollment in the previous Spring semester.

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Campus Labs Maintained by ITS

Open Labs Lab Location       # of Computers
Admissions Lab AD 168     4
Financial Aid Lab AD 156 2
Student Success Lab BE 103 3
Business Lab BE 201 28
Accounting Lab BE 204     1
MBA Lab BE 205     4
Ciriculum Resource Lab BE 213     1
Foreign Language Lab BH 242     5
HSS Lab BH 360     2
Mathematics Lab BH 404     20
Chemistry Lab SC 311     12
The Port Lab The Port      3
Campus-Wide Lab UC 109     60
Classroom Lab Lab Location # of Computers
Business Lab BE 203     36
Business Laptop Lab BE 212     15
Business Lab BE 215     23
Education Laptop Lab BE 229     26
Business Laptop Lab BE 340     83
English Lab BH 204     25
Foreign Language Lab BH 252     26
GIS Lab BH 304     19
Communications Lab BH 340     19
Almagest Lab BH 344     6
Piano Lab BH 346     20
Math Teaching Lab BH 406     25
RRWS Lab SC 119     13
Science Laptop Lab SC 122     35
Science Teaching Lab SC 206     7
Science Teaching Lab SC 230     15
Science Teaching Lab SC 231     8
Science Teaching Lab SC 234     12
CE Testing Lab TC 125     12
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