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Wellness Outreach and Resources


Counseling Services provides workshops on topics related to personal growth, emotional well-being, and general success and resilience. Topics vary by semester. Workshops are provided free to currently enrolled LSUS students. Additionally, if you have a group request for something specific, contact us, and we can come to you!


COVID-19 & the Stress Mindset

We are currently in a time of great uncertainty. This calls for both the need to be flexible, as well as learning how to manage the stress that comes with adapting. It starts with developing an understanding of the symptoms of stress and adjustment difficulties. All individuals experience common sympotoms of stress that can begin to interfere with health, relationships, or academic performance. This semester kickoff workshop will help participants learn: (1) Understand the symptoms of acute stress; (2) Explain the role of perception in determining the effects of stress, (3) Learn how meditation can be a remedy for stress.


The Resiliency Skills Training (ReST) Program

ReST is a 4-session virtual workshop series that engages participants in a broad range of evidence-based exercises to reduce stress and increase well-being.

ReST actively engages participants in improving their mental health and well-being by engaging in weekly exercises in the areas of goal-setting, emotional skills, social connection, health, meaning and purpose, and self-talk. Participants use the companion ReST workbook (provided) to select and complete the exercises that are most appealing and relevant to them. Students, staff, and faculty all report that they enjoy the activities, see immediate results, and gain a toolbox of effective practices to return to in the future. Participation has been shown to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve student satisfaction, and boost overall well-being.

Fall 2020 Workshop Schedule:

  • Wed., Sep. 16th @ 11am - Connecting to a Larger Purpose (click for recording)
    • One of the things that contributes to grit and resiliency is getting in touch with what is important and meaningful to you. Connecting to a sense of purpose can help sustain us through challenges.
  • Wed., Sep. 30th @ 11am - Self-Talk (click for recording)
    • We have constant mental commentary-or self-talk-going on all the time. We may be making evaluations about what is going on around us, how we're doing, how other people are perceiving us, and so on. Self-talk is so constant that we may tune it out, and may not even be consciously aware that we are engaging in negative self-talk. How we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on grit (our ability to pursue what is important to us), resiliency (our ability to recover from challenges, and to stay emotionally healthy), and our overall well-being.
  • Wed., Oct. 21st @ 11am - Managing Stress, Time & Energy (click for recording)
    • Stress and busyness often get in the way of being able to focus on what we care about most. When we think about how to accomplish all the things we need to accomplish, we often think about how to manage our time and fit everything in. Instead of managing time, it can be helpful to think about how to sustain and replenish energy.
  • Wed., Nov. 4th @ 11am - Looking Forward
    • We'll start by doing a visualization of a resilient future. Then we'll have you think about something you would like to prioritize or focus on in the next couple of months, something that you would like to expand, build on, or invest your energy in. All to set you up to become your best possible self!


The Actualize! Program

Actualize! is an evidence-based program to help students harness the power of purpose, and develop skills to accomplish their goals and increase their personal and academic success.

The Actualize! program walks students through a series of evidence-based reflective writing exercises to clarify what is important to them, and develop skills to persist through challenges, and accomplish their goals. Completing these exercises improves academic performance, retention and graduation rates, builds resiliency, and reduces the achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. Each exercise takes only 10-15 minutes to complete, yet encourages incremental shifts in attitude and behavior that have a cumulative impact over time.

Fall 2020 Workshop Schedule:

  • Wed., Sep. 23rd @ 11am - Actualize! Preparing (click for recording)
    • We'll be reflecting on what really matters to you, prioritizing the things that you care about, and laying a foundation for growth. You will clarify your goals and map out your hopes for the future. Don't worry, you don't need to have any answers to get started, and you can change direction at any time - these exercises are simply meant to reflect your current thinking.
  • Wed., Oct. 7th @ 11am - Actualize! Starting (click for recording)
    • We often tackle goals with a "just do it" attitude, and try to power our way through - an approach that is rarely successful. This workshop offers well-researched methods for how to make effective progress and successfully achieve your goals.
  • Wed., Oct. 28th @ 11am - Actualize! Overcoming
    • Pursuing what is important to you is a rewarding and meaningful path, but it is not always an easy one. Challenges, setbacks, and disappointments are inevitable, and they present pivotal moments that we can respond to by giving up, or digging deeper. The exercises in this workshop provide evidence-based strategies to work through difficulties and continue to focus on what really matters to you.
  • Wed., Nov. 11th @ 11am - Actualize! Sustaining
    • Any goal that is worth achieving requires effort, and big, audacious, exciting goals require sustained effort over time. We can lose motivation when progress is low, or difficult to see, as it often is. People often give up if the effort becomes too.

NOTE: Watch LSUS email for secure Zoom link to connect to live workshops. 

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