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Non-Credit Programs

Course Descriptions

To become certified, students must take the eight required courses.
Register for these classes through the LSUS Division of Continuing Education.


Management & Leadership (NPA 001)
This course examines unique characteristics of the nonprofit sector and its management including basic laws and regulations, risk management and ethics, and human resource fundamentals.

Marketing & Communications (NPA 002)
This course examines marketing as a function in nonprofit organizations and role advanced technologies play in communications, PR, and marketing in the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Fundraising & Resource Development (NPA 003)
This demonstrates the structure and responsibliities of development in nonprofit organizations, methods for raising funds from traditional sources and emerging trends in financial resource development.

Cultural Competency & Diversity (NPA 004)
This course is a brief overview of the role of culture, alternative views, including self-awareness to reduce the influence of personal biases and values as well as utilization of intercultural communication when working with diverse populations.

Budgeting & Financial Management (NPA 005)
This module will explain the components and procedures for various types of nonprofit budgeting, the value of transparency and accountability, and fundamental principles and practice of nonprofit accounting and reporting.

Governance & Volunteer Management (NPA 006)
This course explores the Board of Directors' role and relationship to the Executive Director/CEO as they relate to management oversight and organizational leadership.

Designing Programs for Long-term Sustainability (NPA 007)
This course will examine income generating programs for sustainable funding streams.

Trends & Innovations (NPA 008)
This module reviews tranding nonprofit topics and new theories and practices.

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