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Choose Your Major or Career

Career decision-making is a life-long process that includes exploring the world of work and understanding how your skills, interests, personality, and values connect to it. Career Services staff can help you through this process, offering guidance about how to uncover your career sweet spot.

Your career sweet spot means that you are pursuing careers that use your skills, fit your interests, compliment your personality strengths, and are in line with your values. This isn't an easy balance to achieve, but remember, Career Services can equip you with the skills to evaluate your options as you move through your academic career and as you navigate the changes that occur in your life.

There are many ways to engage in this process:




  • Review this 3-Step Career Planning Guide for help planning a successful future following graduation.

  • Talk with Career Services staff. Weigh your options, discuss pros and cons of each, and together, we'll figure out your career sweet spot! Call 318-797-5062 to get started.
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