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Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni who are leaders in the community, region or nation, and who have given generously of their time, talents or resources to LSUS. The award was instituted in 1985. The following criteria, adopted in 2004, are used to determine the recipients of the award:

  • The recipient must be an LSUS graduate with at least a Bachelor's Degree.
  • The recipient must have made a significant contribution to the University of their time or treasure.
  • The recipient must be a leader in our community, region or nation.
  • The recipient must be using his or her LSUS degree in a significant manner.

                                Michael L. Carter

We are delighted to honor Michael this year. He received a BS in Accounting from LSUS in 1992 and is currently Senior Vice President Finance, Hunt Power and Hunt Utility Services, Dallas, Texas.

During his time at LSUS, he fondly remembers getting to start on the LSUS Basketball Team.

Michael has logged more than 25 years in the Power and Utility Business, including:

  • Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning & Development, Energy Future Holdings
  • CFO and Senior Vice President of Customer Operations and IT, TXU Energy (a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings)
  • Assistant Controller, TXU Corporation
  • Director/Manager KPMG Transaction Services.

He is a Lifetime Member of the LSUS Alumni Association and a member of the LSUS Foundation. Michael has been a longtime supporter of the LSUS College of Business.

His wife Robin, earned a BS in Accounting in 1994 from LSUS. They enjoy watching their 16-year-old daughter, Sarah, perform in the Flower Mound High School Marching Band. Flower Mound is a nationally-ranked High School Marching Band that will be marching in the 2019 Rose Parade.

Please view Michael's Alumni Profile here.

            Other Recent Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2017 Jon L. Cheek, M.D. - BS 1987

2016 Lane R. Rosen, M.D. - BS 1989

2015 Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve W. Prator - BGS 1975

2014 James N. (Jim) Fritze - BGS 1995 (Aug. 8, 1925 - May 22, 2016)

2013 Peggy Johnson Cloud - BA Secondary Education 1975

2012 Marcia C. Calhoun - BGS 2000

2011 James H. Ballengee - BS Accounting 1987

2010 Anne Dier Wilson and Dr. Woody Wilson (Oct. 28, 1923 - Jan. 28, 2014) - Joint MLA degrees 1987

2009 John M. Good, Jr. - BS 1976

2008 Edie Broyles Williams - BGS 1988

2007 Hazel Fain Beard - BGS 1985

2006 S. Reed Dickens - BA 2000

2004 T. Brian Bond - BGS 1982

2003 1st Lt. Brandon R. Friedman - BA 2000

2002 Phillip A. Rozeman, M.D. - BS 1977

2001 Michael H. Woods - BGS 1975

2000 Margaret W. Kinsey, Ph.D. (Hon.) (Nov. 17, 1928 - Jan. 8, 2018) - AGS 1984

1998 Zina Schiff Eisenberg - MLA 1991

1997 Preston R. Friedley, Jr. - BA 1976

1988 Robert Maxwell Bunch, Ph.D. - BS 1975

1985 T.C. Tisdon (May 1, 1929 - March 16, 2000) - AGS 1976

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