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The F Word: Failure!

Date and Time
Wednesday January 24, 2018
11:00am - 11:50am

Ever seem to feel stuck, frozen, lost?  Prone to self-sabotage behaviors like procrastination, avoidance, or over-commitment?  Have a desire to quit when things feel too hard?  Or, are you on the other extreme as a perfectionist, feeling like nothing is ever good enough? 

Maybe you have an all too common FEAR OF FAILURE.  Join us to learn how to see failure as part of your journey toward success.  We'll work to change your attitudes and self-perception, moving from viewing setbacks as defining moments, and instead seeing them as opportunities for growth.


Location: Student Success Center (Noel Library)

Time: 11-11:50am

Sponsored by LSUS Counseling Services

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