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Student Success Center is expected to expand

January 31, 2017

The Student Success Center is looking forward to its relocation to the Noel Memorial Library. The new location will include a coffee bar, computer lab, white boards, and classrooms. In addition to these exciting features, students will have a place to plug in their technology for study groups.

Students will continue to enjoy workshops with free lunches, tutoring, and other services currently offered. This gives students the opportunity to have a pleasurable experience.

"This location, BE-103, was never designed to be the permanent space," Correll Hammond, Director of Student Success Center, said. It was estimated that it would take between 2 to 4 years for renovations. The new center will be located inside of the Noel Memorial Library on the left side.

"We haven't even been here a year yet and by Fall we're supposed to be in the new space," Hammond said. The completion time is expected to be between July and August of this year. For more information, you can contact Correll Hammond at

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