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Spring Fling at LSUS!

April 26, 2017

Inflatables, Crawfish, Henna Tattoos…it must be Spring Fling! LSUS hosted a Hawaiian themed spring carnival this year!

Starting off the week was Gift Card Bingo on Monday. On Tuesday, students gathered in the UC Art Gallery to watch Split.

“I really enjoyed the movie,” said Brittney Wyatt, a junior majoring in psychology. “I actually had never heard of this movie before this showing, but I really enjoyed it.”

On Wednesday, students gathered on The Mall to view the different tables and booths set up by the organizations. Prospective students were also present because this was also Pilot Preview Day!

The fun continued on Friday. In addition to the carnival, students were served a Louisiana delicacy: crawfish.

“It’s like a family reunion,” said Wyatt. “The Pilot Family can just sit back, listen to good music and enjoy some good food.”

Spring Fling has made many changes since its beginning. Professor Trey Gibson recalls how the event has changed since he was a student at LSUS.

“It was a good time then, and I think it’s a good time now,” said Gibson. “Watching students come out & have a little fun, I think it’s a good thing for LSUS.”

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