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SkyCoach App, Created by LSUS Professor, Used by CFL and NFL

September 07, 2016

The imagination of an LSU Shreveport instructor led to the invention of the iPhone app that is gaining popularity across all levels of football.

SkyCoach announced during the summer that it was selected as the coach's sideline video provider for the Canadian Football League. The coaches and players can view game video on the sideline and in the press box during games.

The CFL is the first professional football organization to deploy the reviewing of game video on the sidelines during regular season play. The NFL will only use replay video in exhibition games this year, while the NCAA has tabled in-game video use until the 2017 season.

SkyCoach, the latest tool for coaching football, allows coaches and players to instantly view video and pictures of formations on the sidelines during games and practices. The goal of SkyCoach is to transfer information between coaches and players as efficiently as possible.

"This application was created at Synapse with the assistance of former LSUS students who are currently Synapse employees," said Keith Simpson, CIO of Synapse Development and adjunct computer science instructor at LSU Shreveport. "I teach the capstone class at LSUS and the Synapse employees that went to LSUS took my class. For students who are not already working in the industry, this whole process is as close to working within a technology firm as they can get."

While recording a play on SkyCoach, one can take a picture of the formation and tag the play with simple codes such as offense/defense and series. The videos, pictures, and data can be reviewed almost instantly on any iPhone or iPad with the app. Coaches can easily find the plays they want to review based on the tags and angles.

Anyone with an iPhone or iPad can have access to this app, and it only requires one person to operate it.

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