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New LSUS Student Success Center Now Open

October 19, 2017

By: Hannah Sprawls
LSUS is expanding and improving student services. The first floor of the Noel Memorial Library is now home to the LSUS Student Success Center. The soft opening was September 18th, with a ribbon cutting ceremony that took place October 16th at 11 AM. The center hosts the Student Success department, which provides tutoring and academic support to on-campus and online students alike, with expanded services that cater to students' schedules. This includes online tutoring appointments that can be made 24/7, academic coaching, and workshops.

"The Success Center is especially important for support of our first generation to college students, which make up over 30% of our undergraduate students, and our online program students who may need extra support to achieve academic success," said LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark.

Career Services, one of the other five departments of Student Services, has relocated their offices to the Student Success Center. The University hopes this move will encourage students to take advantage of the full range of services their tuition provides them. This change will also create greater access for online students by providing tools to Career Services which will allow workshops to be filmed and put online.

Career Services is focused on helping students find their niche, whether that starts in the early stages of choosing a major or in the later stages by helping them prepare to join the workforce. Interviewing for a job is about more than just having the skills; it's about effectively communicating to potential employers what those skills are.

Pairing Student Success and Career Services together in the Student Success Center is part of an on-going campus effort to increase access and awareness for students. The University is focused on more than just the academic success of students, and every effort has been made to ensure that by the end of their time at LSUS, students leave fully prepared to tackle the "real world" and all of its challenges.

As part of these efforts to prepare students, LSUS offers one-on-one counseling and workshops through Student Development. In the last year alone, the number of students seeking one-on-one counseling has increased over 100%, with a jump of over 300% in Student Development Workshop attendance.

Angie Pellerin, the on-campus counselor, works with students to address a variety of issues. "We try to promote resilience," she said. "That's overcoming challenges and understanding that they're going to happen and not feel like it's the end of the world."
"It's important to have resilience because anyone who has goals is going to have setbacks."

"I get referrals constantly from my colleagues in student development, so Angie Pellerin, for example, if she's working with someone who's going through personal turmoil or challenges, but some of that stress is coming from [the student] not liking their major, she'll bring them over to me," said Flynn-McKevitt, Director of Career Services.

Each of the five departments of Student Services works to identify the individual needs of students and get them to the branch where they will be best served. Whether they need counseling through Student Development, career direction through Career Services, an advocate for disciplinary hearings through Student Advocacy and Accountability, academic support through Student Success, or wish to participate in any of the many student activities offered on campus through Student Activities and Rec Sports, LSUS is committed to getting students in touch with the service that best meets their needs.

The Student Success Center was made possible through a $100,000 grant from the Noel Foundation. Without the support of the Noel Foundation, the success center would not be possible. Current students can find more information about all the services LSUS provides by logging onto the website at

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