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Presenting the MLA @ Broadmoor Lecture Series 2

September 9th, 2018


SHREVEPORT, LA- LSUS, in conjunction with the Shreve Memorial Library, Broadmoor Branch will be hosting the MLA @ Broadmoor: Showcase Lecture Series 2. Four graduate faculty will share expert insights on topics of interest to a generalist audience. Lectures are held on consecutive Monday evenings and include a 40-minute presentation, questions, coffee, and cookies. The events are free and open to the public.

Here is a list of the events in the series:

Monday, September 10th, 6PM: Dr. Matyas Buzgo: “Did Ancient Science Die with Hypatia?”

The lynching of Hypatia of Alexandria often stands as a metaphor for the beginning of the Medieval Dark Ages. However, the dark ages were not dark everywhere...


Monday, September 17th, 6PM: Dr. Elisabeth Liebert: “The Elephant in Eden”

We’ve all heard of the serpent in the garden. But why, in his first description of Eden in Paradise Lost, does Milton choose to include other animals like the lion, the lynx, or the elephant? This talk reaches backward into early animal encyclopedias and bestiary lore to uncover the complex significance of the some of the animals in Milton’s Eden.


Monday, September 24th, 6PM: Dr. Christopher Hale: “Into the Darkness: Exploring the Phenomenon of Serial Murder”

Why do serial murderers kill? And why so gruesomely? Dr. Hale will explore what we currently know about serial homicide: the typologies of serial killers, victims, methods of killing, psychopathology, new trends, and the myths and facts about serial murder.


Monday, October 1st: Dr. Evan Reibsome, 6PM: “Public Gratitude and Perpetual Warfare”

Dr Reibsome’s lecture places pressure on the post-9/11 practice known as the “Thank You for Your Service” phenomenon. Drawing upon a wide range of material – including literature, philosophy, popular culture, and his own military service – Reibsome invites audience members to recognize how this popular expression of gratitude may paradoxically harm our men and women in uniform and inadvertently contribute to a state of perpetual warfare in the twenty-first century.

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Media Contact: Wendell Riley, Director of Media and Public Relations 318-797-5108

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