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MADD for Animals

October 19, 2016

Make a Difference Day (MADD) is Oct. 21, and LSU Shreveport is ready to do just that.

In honor of Make a Difference Day, the Student Activities Board (SAB) is coordinating a city-wide volunteer project. Their goal is to place as many LSUS students, faculty, and staff as possible with local animal shelters or rescue facilities.

"When discussing what the focus of our service project should be, the Student Activities Board immediately jumped at the chance to help animals," said Angel Martin, director of student activities and rec sports. "They know that local rescues and shelters are constantly full and in need of help. Volunteers are heavily relied upon at most animal rescues, even for day to day operations. Sending dozens of LSUS students out, even for one day, can help lessen the load on local people who work tirelessly to help animals."

Not only will the animals and volunteers at local shelters be greatly impacted by the expression of love from LSUS, but students will also benefit from helping others in the community.

"The SAB thinks this is important because we see that we often have the ability to get students actively involved on campus. It would be a real shame if we never used that ability to do some good for the community," said Lance Rich, president of the Student Activities Board. "The goal is to make this an event that occurs every year, with different volunteering opportunities, so that the SAB will make a tradition out of serving Shreveport."

While the community project is open to all students, the SAB encourages faculty and staff to be involved as well.

"Having faculty and staff serving alongside students is a proud display of the solidarity at LSUS," Martin said. "This event hopes to show the community that our students are active, selfless and eager to help. In addition, this is an opportunity for our students to engage in their local community and build leadership skills. Volunteerism and service learning are an essential part of the complete college experience. We want students to experience how valuable their contributions can be and see first-hand the difference they can make in their local community."

Interested individuals can sign-up to volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue facility by emailing or stopping by the UC Office. If desired, volunteers may choose which organization they would like to work with.

Visit the SAB Sign-Up page to see the locations and time slots available. For more information, call (318) 797-5393 or email

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