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LSUS Students Featured in Rhino Coffee Art Gallery

September 21, 2017

LSUS's Digital Arts and Media Department has had the pleasure of working with Rhino Coffee, a local cherished coffee house, in showcasing student, faculty and alumni work in their monthly gallery displays during the month of September. When the department was first contacted about this opportunity, Associate Professor Victoria Hrody was excited to collaborate with them in their vision to host local colleges throughout the year. LSUS and the Digital Arts and Media Department was given three months in 2017 to showcase artwork - one that ran this past June showcasing DA student Illustrations, a "coffee shop" themed exhibit this entire month of September demonstrating works in relief or three-dimensional form or texture, and an upcoming December exhibit of which a theme has yet to be announced.

Throughout the year, a call to all artists will be sent out on social media and on campus, allowing students and alumni to participate in these events. The goal is to give our students an opportunity to share their talents and have a voice in the community, a real spring board to be proud of their accomplishments as they prepare for career paths in the arts. All students at all levels in the Digital Arts and Media program are welcome to participate in any open calls, but even if you are not a digital arts major, or perhaps a faculty or staff member and would like to participate in an upcoming show, please contact Victoria Hrody for any guidelines for submitting in future announced dates. We need to share our many talented facets on our campus - and we hope to continue working with Rhino for years to come.

"It's an exciting opportunity to be able to collaborate with a local venue to host our student and department work. We are so proud of the work that our students produce, this relationship with Rhino gives us a chance to showcase their talents. Many students in college, who are in art programs, may not get a chance to have their work shown in such a public venue, and for those who may be first time college graduates, what an experience for them and their whole family." 

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