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LSUS Student Veterans Organization Participate in Fall Fest Fair, Sponsored “22Kill”

November 09, 2016

During the week of Fall Fest, Oct. 26 - 28, the Student Veterans Organization participated in the student event sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB). The members' purpose was to create awareness and support for service members across campus and the community.

"The Student Veterans Organization is a fledgling organization which strives to create a community which serves as a forum for, promotes the growth of, and serves the needs of all matters unique to the veteran lifestyle, mindset, and expectation," said Christopher Pace, president of the Student Veterans Organization. "What this means is that we support veterans by spreading awareness of veteran issues, sharing veteran culture with non-service members, and creating a community which likeminded veterans and their families can be a part of. We dedicate ourselves in supporting the transition from the military to the civilian world and, more importantly, to academia. With these goals we have set, we knew the importance of this event with concern to how it would craft our identity as an organization. An identity that, too often, is associated with a broken, hurt, or mentally unstable veteran."

To promote awareness and support for their organization, the members sponsored an activity called "22Kill," a name created to show what is happening in the small but robust veteran community.

"After the release of a 2013-decade long study by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which cited that almost 22 veterans commit suicide each day, a veterans based non-profit organization named ‘Honor, Courage, Commitment,' partnered with other likeminded organizations to create ‘22Kill' with the aim of spreading this information and funding research to determine why and what is happening," Pace said. "This is what we chose to support, not because we ourselves are broken but instead because we support our teammates. Not all veterans are broken. In fact, the vast majority are not and it is up to the veteran community to show others how to help and support our brothers and sisters in arms."

The organization presented two challenges to students and student organizations at the fair: donations and push-ups.

"These events were designed to encourage student organizations to compete against one another for prizes we offered, as well as, the ability to attach their name to a philanthropic activity," Pace said. "For the push-up challenge, the entire winning organization earned custom dog-tags specific to this event and a plaque in the University Center identifying their effort. For the donation challenge, the winning organization earned a holiday party which the Student Veterans Organization will plan, fund, and execute for them."
"Through the course of the event, we were able to raise $335 and student organizations pledged 5,289 for push-ups. This is monumental, considering the event was only six hours divided into two, three hour days. The donations raised go directly to research for PTSD, traumatic brain injury, as well as other afflictions prevalent in veteran community."

Pace said that one of the most important aspects of the event was bridging the gap between service members and non-service members.

For more information about the Student Veterans Organization, contact Christopher Pace at or 701-500-1947, or visit their Facebook page.

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