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LSUS Prepares K-12 Teachers to Teach Computer Science

June 23, 2017

The departments of education and computer science at LSU Shreveport have formed a partnership to provide computer science training to K-12 teachers. A series of seven graduate courses (21 credit hours) have been created for currently certified teachers who want to also earn a certification in computer science. The course taught this summer presents the fundamentals of robotics. Six teachers from area K-12 schools are enrolled in the course, which is taught by Paul Miramon, a faculty member at the Caddo Career and Technology Center (CCTC) and an adjunct member of the LSUS computer science faculty. The month long course exposes teachers to the fundamentals of robotics through the use of kits that provide hands on training.  This course is being taught in Miramon’s lab at the CCTC. The study of the topics included in robotics exposes the teachers to many different computer science skills. The teachers will take the kits and the skills they have learned into their respective schools for use in teaching some of the fundamentals of computer science.
The teachers are Adam Rabo (Parkway HS), Annette Newberry (TL Rodes Elementary), Jennifer Moore (Jack P Timmons Elementary), Angela Hayes (Eden Gardens), David Hyde (Caddo Magnet HS), and Karen Adams (EB Williams Stoner Hill Elementary).  Program administrators are Paul Miramon (CCTC), Al McKinney (LSUS), and Jere Hatcher (LSUS).
Beginning in the fall 2017 semester LSUS will offer a package for teachers who may want to earn the Master of Education – Computer Science at the same time they are earning the add on certification in computer science.  The seven courses needed to earn the certification are imbedded within the MEDCI degree. A teacher interested in earning the MEDCI while pursuing the new certification must only take an additional five education courses.
The demand for university graduates with a computer science degree is dramatically increasing. It is believed these new programs will expose K-12 students to training that will stimulate their interest in the segment of STEM that is known as computer science.  Call Dr. Al McKinney at 797-5300 for additional information.
Photo: Paul Mirramon, teacher of the Robotics class, Jere Hatcher, Alfred McKinney, and the students (K-12 teachers): Adam Rabo, Jennifer Moore, Annette Newberry, David Hyde, Lauren Hilliard, and Karen Meadows (not shown).

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