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LSUS Pilots volunteered for the Salvation Army.

December 14, 2016

The LSU Shreveport Pilots volunteered ringing bells and collecting money for the Salvation Army over the past three weeks. The baseball players have volunteered at JcPenney, Sam's Club and Kroger for the past three weeks with two players at each location, and this event marked 500 hours of community service.

Walking upon the store front, players greeted shoppers with friendly smiles. Volunteering has been the baseball team's way of giving back to the community. The players expressed appreciation for the community's support of the baseball team.

"The community does a lot for our program, so this is our way of giving back," said Oscar Meuris, a player. The players showed enthusiasm ringing the bells at the store fronts knowing that they are helping those in need.

When it comes to collecting donations, there is no set goal. "We haven't been assigned a certain goal," said Jerremyh Angela, a player. Instead, the team's focus is on ringing the bells and seeking donations.

"I don't mind being here even if it's cold", Meuris said.

Though it was chilly outside, the players displayed joy in being able to give back to the community that has supported them and the LSUS athletics department. Shoppers appeared delighted to donate as they entered and exited the store. 

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