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LSUS Inches Closer to J-1 Visa Sponsorship

September 28, 2016

The School of Graduate Studies is working tirelessly to receive the approval of the J-1 Visa Sponsorship
that will bring professors and students from all over the globe to LSU Shreveport for research and
extensive learning opportunities.

"This would allow our faculty to become more productive instructors and researchers with an increase in
external grant funds, publications, and new technology," said Amanda Lewis, interim director of
Sponsored Research and Technology Transfer.

The visa application will result in a one-time fee of $3,982 for the university, which Lewis said was a
reasonable price considering the plethora of information and assistance involved in securing
international professors and researchers to work with LSUS faculty and staff.

As a J-1 sponsor, LSUS must host five scholars/researchers each year to qualify for the program, which
will be no problem for the campus. The science department currently has four international professors
available and ready to start working at LSUS as soon as the federal application process is approved. Lewis
said the department anticipates receiving approval in the spring.

In addition, international students may also come to LSUS to study and participate in research
developments in undergraduate and graduate programs.

"Say, for example, a professor holding a terminal degree in China was interested in extending research in
the States," Lewis said. "They would apply for the J-1 application, and upon approval of their university,
would travel here to be involved in our cutting-edge research."

The professors and research scholars are able to spend a maximum of five years at LSUS before returning
home. University exchange students who are pursuing a degree may stay at LSUS until completion of the
program, otherwise, those students must return home after two years.

There is also no cost to the campus for the J-1 sponsorship other than the one-time fee because the
researcher's university or government pays the expenses for travel for them to come to Shreveport.
However, the professors are responsible for locating a place to live and paying for living costs. Lewis said
she and the staff are collaborating with the University Court Apartments for living spaces for
international professors and students.

The department is also working with Penny Lyons in the International Student Association to involve the
applicants in the cultural experiences to be had while in Louisiana.

For more information about the J-1 Visa Sponsorship, please contact

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