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LSUS Hosts LONI Celebration Event

February 18, 2019
From left to right: Claudia Adley, Carey Sullivan, Dr. Kim Hunter Reed, Shelby Keith, Chancellor Larry Clark, Lonnie Leger


SHREVEPORT, LA- On February 12th, LSUS celebrated joining the Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI) network as a directly fiber-connected participant. The event was held on the first floor of the Technology Center, the future site of the LSUS CyberCollaboratory. Dr. Kim Hunter Reed, the Louisiana Board of Regents Commissioner of Higher Education, was the Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker. Also in attendance were Louisiana Board of Regents member Claudia Adley and her husband, State Senator Robert Adley.

Carey Sullivan, SWEPCO's Corporate Communications Director, was also present at the CyberCollaboratory on behalf of both the AEP Foundation and SWEPCO. The CyberCollaboratory is being made possible in-part by a generous donation from the AEP Foundation. Shelby Keith, CIO of LSUS, welcomed the LONI representatives, including Executive Director Lonnie Leger, and facilitated the ceremonial cable connection.

About the LSUS and LONI Connection

The LONI Network is an asset owned by the Louisiana Board of Regents and operated with the assistance of the LONI Management Council and LONI Network Operation Center staff at LSU.  The LONI Management Council, whose members represent state government and higher education, is charged with making recommendations to the Commissioner of Higher Education on the management of operations and associated business activities of LONI.  The Council's decisions and recommendations are guided by the LONI goals and objectives as defined by the Louisiana Board of Regents in response to gubernatorial and legislative directives.

LONI is available for use by academic, government, and industry partners in collaboration with LONI participant institutions.LSUS has been a member of the LONI network since 2007, when we joined with just 10Mbps of commodity Internet. 

Over the years, LSUS has been able to make incremental updates from 10Mbps to 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and eventually 1Gbps. However, the necessary fiber and services had not previously been available in our area in order to make the leap to 10Gbps.  Due to the hard work of the Louisiana Board of Regents, the LONI staff, and the staff of LSU Information Technology Services, the impediments have been removed and LSUS is now a fully operational presence on the LONI fiber backbone.  LSUS thanks each of these organizations for assisting in the university joining the ranks of our fellow Louisiana institutions in being a full partner at the table.

The increased bandwidth is key in assisting LSUS in growing our many academic programs and facilitating our faculty research as they reach out to members of not only the local community, but the global community as well.

Additional information about the LONI network may be found at


Media Contact: Wendell Riley, Director of Media and Public Relations 318-797-5108

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