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LSUS held 2016 Academic Award Convocation

April 20, 2016

This year's Academic Award Convocation was held at 11:00am on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. At the convocation, we recognized a single outstanding student in each of our majors and in many concentrations for excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and commitment. Faculty, staff, students and parents attended this academic celebration in support of our fantastic students as they have worked numerous hours for their accomplishments.

The Chancellor's List award is given to those who made the list both Spring 2015 & Fall 2015 semesters. The following students received this award:
Oluwatoyin Adegboyega, Alessa Ash, Adriane Paolo Aytona, John Paul Bacud, Rebekah Bennett, Samuel Crooks, Joshua Dewey, Kelsey Ellender, Ecotry Fuller, Aubrey Garcia, Christian Gaude, Angela Gideons ,Sarah Guidry, Virginia Hannon, Ola Harris, Shelby Heidleberg, Theresa Hernandez, Karla Hernandez Leon, Natalie Hirsch, Rachel Hoffnung, Hannah Hough, Sheila Humphries, Lauren Kain, Ghazaleh Keyvan, Melissa Leblanc, Michael Leon, Sr, Cody Lewis, Christian Lococo, Olivia Magill, Eliza Malinova, Jr, Ciara Mathis, Charles Mcdowell, Jacob Mcdowell, Sarah Mcgee, Joseph Michels, Justine Moreau, Karissa Morgan, Macie Mosley, Niccolo Mundell, Jessica Myers, Ashton Nance, Nicholas O'connor, Elizabeth O'neal, Annalysse Orchard, Aastha Parikh, Shelbi Parker, Kimberly Pederson, Ethan Puckett, Autumn Razey, Lance Rich, Quintin Richardson, James Robinson, Elles Rock, Mason Shaw, Rebecca Slocum, Fatimah Smith, Emily Sojourner ,Abigail Sorrell, Elisabeth Sorrell, Michael Stevenson, Austin Stone, Julia Taylor, Christopher Thompson, Trinh Tran, Katherine Umling, Richard Wardlaw, Laura Waren, Aaron Wheeler, Sarah Whorton, Ashley Woods, Emily Wright, and Lucian Xenos

The following students are recipients of the Academic Award, which goes to one student from each program. These students were nominated by faculty for excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and commitment:

Humanities and Social Sciences:
Lauren Llewellyn, History & Social Sciences
Rachel Hoffnung, English & Foreign Languages
Autumn Cuddy, History & Social Sciences
Elizabeth Kemp, History & Social Sciences
Peter O'Neil, Arts & Media
Elles Rock, Arts & Media
Blair Burlison, Arts & Media
Emily Wright, Arts & Media
Brandy Ollhoff, History & Social Sciences
Karissa Morgan, Arts & Media
Hannah Hough, General Studies
Mindy Hinderberger, Arts & Sciences
Rachel Patterson, Human Services & Public Policy
Mathematics and Sciences:
Brittni Hood, Biological Sciences
Sarah Whorton, Biological Sciences
Natalia Muller, Biological Sciences
Samuel Crooks, Biological Sciences
Blake Shankle, Chemistry & Physics
Ryan Grant, Chemistry & Physics
Lance Rich, Computer Science
Tiffany Mandrell, Computer Science
Jordan Neal, Computer Science
Bennett Upton, Computer Science
Lucian Xenos, Chemistry & Physics
Matias Vargas, Mathematics
Elizabeth Cockerham, Biological Sciences
Hari Bohara, Biological Sciences
Marlon Lewis, Biological Sciences
Brynner Bonnette, Biological Sciences
Steven Turner, Computer Science
Elizabeth Powell, Accounting & Business Law
Eliza Malinova Jr, Economics & Finance
Chelsea Feducia, Economics & Finance
Charles McDowell, Economics & Finance
Amber Pruiett, Management & Marketing
Jamileh Musa, Management & Marketing
Andrew Lace, II, Management & Marketing
Lori Grosse, Health Administration
Hailey Smith, Education
Lindsey Griffith, Education
Juana Lujan, Education
Olivia Magill, Education
Stephanie Blackburn, Education
Leslie Alexander, Education
Zakisha Brown, Education
Human Sciences:
Johnesha Edwards, Kinesiology & Health Science
Hannah Glenn, Psychology
Jessica Jones, Psychology
Joyce DeSantiago, Kinesiology & Health Science
Daina Lewis, Psychology

The following student was recognized for her academic achievement in completing the LSUS Honors Program Curriculum: Samuel Crooks.

We are undoubtedly proud of those who have worked diligently to achieve these awards.

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