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LSUS Foundation and Noel Foundation reveal memorial in remembrance of Joe B. Callaway

October 30, 2017

The LSUS Foundation and Noel Foundation established the Joe B. Callaway Memorial Gardens in memory of Joe B. Callaway. This dedication is an appreciation and remembrance for Callaway and all that he has done for LSUS. He was the longest serving board member of the LSUS Foundation and Investment Committee Chairperson. His memorial features a fountain and a delightful garden in front of the Administration Building.

The LSUS Foundation Board of Directors, under President Harold Turner, decided in the first board meeting after Callaway's passing to honor him with a memorial on campus. Development Committee Chairperson Edie Williams was charged with working with the University to ascertain the proper location and form. Mickey Callaway, Callaway's widow, made only one suggestion: To reflect Joe, you have to have a water feature of some kind.

"The LSUS Foundation and the Noel Foundation are honored to present the Joe B. Callaway Memorial Gardens to LSUS in honor of their 50th Anniversary. But, the gardens are more than that. We are pleased to honor Joe Callaway's family as well," said Edie Williams. "Joe Callaway was the Foundation's longest serving board member, and it was only fitting that we do something to recognize his years of service to the Foundation and University. It is our hope that when you look at the space you are pleased with the outcome."

During the reveal, the Callaway family cut the ribbon for the ribbon cutting ceremony. They displayed such admiration for the garden, which features a water fountain. The fountain will never be turned off and will remain lit throughout the night.

"I would like to thank the foundation members for wanting to build a garden in memory of Joe. It's so beautiful and it's so tranquil," said Mickey Callaway. "I know that he would be shocked, honored, and humbled to know that the garden would be built in memory of him."

"None of this could happen without numerous donors. It could not have happened if the Noel Foundation had not agreed, without hesitation, to match the LSUS Foundation's lead gift," said Williams. Major donors include the Callaway family, Mike Woods' family, Steve Yancey, George Khoury and Dr. Lacy and Edie Williams. LSUS is pleased to have had the contributions of each of these donors and looks forward to others seeing the beautiful memorial that honors Joe Callaway.

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