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LSUS Bass Club Winds Down 2017 Season

September 05, 2017

The LSUS Bass Club snagged 2nd place at Holy Angels’ Fishing For Angels tourney last week. JP Kimbrough and Ryan Antee‘s 3 Bass weighed in at just under 17 pounds to

tal. They were just shy of the top spot. The club has enjoyed similar success all season, and as it draws to a close the two were happy to end on a high note.

Founded in t

he mid 2000s, the Bass Club routinely boasts top anglers. JP Kimbrough and Jared Rascoe were named the top fishing pair of 2016. This ranking is assigned based on the team’s performance over the previous two years, with a 6-tournament minimum for eligibility. It includes ACA, BASS, and FLW- all of which are circuits LSUS club members routinely fish. Kimbrough earned further distinction that year by being ranked the 2nd best individually.

In addition to the accommodations made by the school, several donors have also made significant financial contributions to the team. Dr. Lacy Williams, an ardent supporter of the club, was instrumental in getting the boats wrapped in LSUS colors.

 The club offers more to members than a place to fish. “The best part of being on the team is getting to travel around the country and chase our dreams. Second best is team camaraderie,” says Kimbrough.

The team routinely travels all over the continental US- going as far north as Minnesota. Travel costs and lodging are paid for through donations and club earnings via tournaments (a portion of the prize money also goes to the individual anglers who win it). The travel experiences offer club members a unique opportunity to do what they love with people they’ve become close with. It also puts students in contact with other students from all over North America.

 “Whenever you get a bunch of guys together that like to fish and have a common interest it’s always a fun time,” says Kimbrough. “Everybody is friends with everybody at the tournaments, you almost get sad when you have to leave because they’re all your best friends that you see and travel with to all these strange places. It’s like another family.”

 The Bass Club at LSUS offers students a rich experience both on and off the water. This year marks the third consecutive year they’ve had club members quality for the National Championship. If you’re interested in joining, donating, or getting more information, contact Dr. Karen James at or incoming club president JP Kimbrough at



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