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LSUS’ National Student Advertising Competition Team

April 26, 2017

This year's National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), which has been held annually since 1973, was held in Fort Worth, TX on Thursday, April 6. The National Student Advertising Competition is the premier college advertising competition that provides more than 2,000 college students the real-world experience of creating a strategic advertising, marketing, and media campaign for a corporate client. Students developed a marketing plan and then pitched their work to advertising professionals at the district, semi-final and national levels.

This was LSUS' first time having a team to participate in the competition and may be the first time the Tenth District has had a team from Louisiana. During the event, students representing colleges and universities from all over the district presented advertising campaigns they've developed for the competition's national sponsor. This year's sponsor was Tai Pei: Frozen Asian Food. National sponsors over the last three years have included Mary Kay, Pizza Hut, and Snapple.

In order to create an NSAC team and participate in the competition, LSUS had to have an official AAF College Chapter. The chapter was established in 2016 and has around 15 active members. The chapter is open to students from all majors. Concerning the NSAC, the presentation team (the ones who presented in Fort Worth, TX) consisted of Michael Byrnes, Kamaya Jiles, Christopher McDaniel, and Brittany Sutton with Mary DeMarigny and Timothy Keys serving as alternates. The research team consisted of those students on the presentation team as well as the following students: Junine Asuncion, Amber Bordelon, Melanie Curry, Tymothy Hensley, Ryan Knowles, Jessica Stevens, and Bailey Tejada.

This year's competition was sponsored in part by the LSUS Foundation as well as by separate fundraisers held at Chipotlé and an in-house Digital Arts fundraiser.

Photo: From left to right: Chris McDaniel, Timothy Keys, Allen Garcie (Faculty Advisor), Kamaya Jiles, Mary DeMarigny, Brittany Sutton, and Michael Byrnes.

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