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Kimbrough named Collegiate Angler of the Month

October 04, 2017

LSU Shreveport angler J. P. Kimbrough has been named the Collegiate Angler of the Month by the Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Boat US Tournament Series. He has been one of the top anglers on the college scene for a couple of years now as he strives to one-day fish professionally.

"I would like to thank my parents first and foremost, without their help I wouldn't be able to pursue my dreams," Kimbrough said. "I'd like to also thank LSUS for allowing me to represent them and the support they give to the fishing team. Lastly, I'd like to thank all of my sponsors, they have shown nothing, but support for me and my success throughout my career and I can't thank them enough for it." Kimbrough is a Business Administration major at LSUS which will give him the knowledge he needs to run a guide service fulltime or start a TV show should he decide to once his fishing career is over. Dr. Lacy Williams is a big supporter of the LSUS fishing team as he provides them with financial support to let the fisherman do what they do.

"Without Dr. Williams' support none of this would be possible," said Kimbrough. "The biggest problem with tournament fishing is the cost. Always worrying about money can derail a person mentally in a tournament, but with him donating to our club every season to help us cover expenses we don't ever have to worry about it, allowing us to just focus on fishing. I'll never be able to thank that man enough for what he's done and continues to do for us." 

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