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Greek life brings students together at LSUS

August 29, 2017

Getting involved on a college campus has never been easier. Greek life at LSUS has become a great avenue for students to interact with each other. Greek life at LSUS has held an important role in providing students the college experience they want. One of the unique ways they do this is through Greek week.

LSUS established Greek Week the week of April 27, 1983. This was a week filled with celebration that included games and food for all students, Greek games, and a Greek formal night. Today, Greek Week is still an important part of Greek life, and plays an important role in recruitment strategy. “Greek week is planned by the Greek Council each semester. One continuous thing we do is Greek games,” said Chelsa King, assistant director of student activities and rec sports. “Great games have always been a constant for the past two years that I’ve been here.” This includes games such as wheelbarrow racing, tug-of-war, and extreme dodgeball.

While Greek week usually occurs during the spring semester, sororities and fraternities also focus on recruitment. “We have a recruitment each semester for our Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council organizations. The NPHC, which is our historically black fraternities and sororities, recruit on a need based basis,” said King. Recruitment week allows each organization to strike to interest of potential new members. King believes that Greek life is very important on campus. “I believe that it’s very important to be involved in Greek life because it gives you a larger avenue to get involved on a larger scale,” said King. “It’s very hard to find your niche here in a sense because we don’t have resident’s hall, so whenever you’re not in close quarters with each other it’s a little bit harder for you to socialize. We have a great community here. We are a family in a sense.” King also notes that the connections you build among your organization goes beyond college.

There are currently eight active sororities and fraternities on campus. King hopes that there’s more participation from all students in the future. “I would really like for the campus to be involved, attend some of the activities and be able to experience the fun that we have,” said King. “We want the campus community to feel that unity and want to be a part of who we are and what we do as well.”

Photo Credit: Chelsa King

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