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Finalists of the 4th Annual Regional Scholars Forum

March 28, 2019


SHREVEPORT, LA- The 4th Annual LSUS Regional Scholars Forum was held on March 15, 2019 from 8 am to 4 pm at the LSUS University Center. The event allowed undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to present original research as poster presentations or oral presentations. Each year, the Regional Scholars Forum is open to university students and their mentors from Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Dr. Pierre Goovaerts, renowned expert on Medical Geography and Geostatistics, was the plenary speaker for this year’s forum. Students from 18 different universities participated, combining for 40 posters and 32 oral presentations. Prizes ranged from $100 for winners and $50 for runners-up, and were donated by the LSUS Foundation in each of the following categories: Graduate Poster, Graduate Oral, Undergraduate Poster, and Undergraduate Oral.





Undergraduate Poster Presentation Winner
Name: Prerana Ramesh
University: LSU Shreveport
Effects of Fusarochromanone on Mitochondrial Function in Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Salivary Gland Carcinoma


Graduate Poster Presentation Winner
Name: Christopher Stratton
University: LSU Shreveport
Development of Drug Stability Assays for Fursarochromanone, Dr. Elahe Mahadavian


Undergraduate Oral Presentation Winner
Name: Ashton Hamm
University: LSU Shreveport
Automated Aquaponics


Graduate Oral Presentation Winner
Name: Darbi Long
University: LSU Shreveport
Structure Based Lead Optimization of Caffeic Acid Analog with Cancer Therapeutic Activity, Drs. Brian Salvatore and Elahe Mahadavian, Mentors




Undergraduate Poster Presentation Runner Up
Name: Samantha Garcia
University: LSU Shreveport
Stingray Feeding Preferences in Captivity, Dr. Amy Erickson, Mentor


Graduate Poster Presentation Runner Up
Name: Shannon Cunningham
University: Arkansas State University
Development of High Throughput Method to Quantify Chalkiness in Milled Rice, Dr. Argelia Lorence, Mentor


Undergraduate Oral Presentation Runner Up
Name: Christopher Dallas Floyd
University: LSU Shreveport
The Inedible Smell of a Snuffed Candle, Sylvia Plath: Her Life, Her Work, Her Death, Dr. Elisabeth Liebert, Mentor


Graduate Oral Presentation Runner Up
Name: Katelyn Flynn
University: LSU Shreveport
Mutually Assured Destruction: The Rise of Antiwar Literature, Dr. Elisabeth Liebert, Mentor



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