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CommNEXT conference held at LSUS

November 21, 2017

CommNEXT held its annual half-day conference for students and professionals at LSUS on October 21. This event allowed students and professional to explore topics that included, but were not limited to public relations, design, journalism and video advertising. The American Advertising Federation of Shreveport Bossier teamed up with the Shreveport Journalism Foundation to host the event, alongside the LSUS Department of Arts and Media.  In addition, the LSUS Foundation sponsored the rental of the University Center and meals provided to attendees.

“While our local colleges and universities do a great job of teaching marketable skills, we felt like giving the students some more insight into real world application and technique would make them even more prepared to enter the workforce,” said Erin Smith, president of the American Advertising Federation of Shreveport Bossier. “For the past two years, we’ve hosted an Agency Crawl in the fall to introduce students to local employers. Through that exercise the idea for CommNEXT was born. We want to be sure that at our next Agency Crawl in the spring of 2018 that students are ready to go to work as soon as they graduate and feel comfortable entering the workplace.”

This event included approximately 80 people in attendance, and around 33 of them were LSUS students and alumni. There were also two featured keynote speakers, Tracy Altman of Altman Consulting and Greg Kallenberg, executive director at Louisiana Film Prize, as well as eight breakout sessions full of information. These sessions included:

- Keith Hanson, Twin Engine Labs - Understanding the MarTech (Marketing Technology) Landscape

- Cameron King - The Power of Visual Storytelling

- Jazmin Jernigan, Aesthetic Innovations - Breaking the Creative Bank: Finding Balance in Freelancing Careers

- Scott Anderson, Bossier Press Tribune - Journalism

- Scott Isaacs, Romph-Pou Agency - Topic: Web: Current Trends and What the Textbooks Won't Teach You

- Samantha Barbour, LSUS - Design for Social Change

-Allen Garcie, LSUS - Design Thinking 101: Simple Methods for Increasing Your Level of Creativity

-Dr. Joslin Perkins, SUSLA and Dr. Claire Joa, LSUS - Social Media in Journalism and Public Relations

In addition to the breakout sessions, everyone was able to enjoy lunch that consisted of a gourmet sandwich, chips, drink and dessert. There were also people in attendance from Centenary, BPCC, NSU, ULM, Texas A&M, and other area professionals. The AAFSB looks forward to holding CommNEXT every fall followed by an annual Agency Crawl event in the spring. 

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