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Capture of Golden State Killer Resonates in LSUS Criminal Justice Class About Serial Murder

April 27, 2018

SHREVEPORT, LA--The capture of the Golden State killer last Wednesday after 40 years had special meaning to LSUS students in Dr. Chris Hale's popular Criminal Justice class about serial murder. 
            Among the course's objectives: students must research, write and present a paper on an unknown or never-caught serial killer, concluding with who they feel is the identity of the killer and why.
            One such killer was the Golden State Killer (AKA the Original Night Stalker), who was the topic of a paper presented this semester by Jeremy Gill. Gill is a senior majoring in Criminology with a concentration in Forensic Science.  
           "He had spoken with some of the researchers and was quite excited at the news," Dr. Hale said.  "Many of the students were fascinated that what they did in this course actually 'mirrored' reality."
            Gill remarked: "... it seems a new DNA sample is the evidence used for the arrest. He wasn't my suspect (the article mentions he wasn't a suspect until recently), but he was law enforcement. We had suspected either law enforcement or military based on ONS's precision and specific knowledge, so I'm glad to see we were somewhat on the right track. Definitely looking forward to further details."
           Dr. Hale began teaching the Criminology course three years ago during the summer but started to offer it during the regular school semesters when it became popular among students. The course is now offered permanently at LSUS and can be used as an elective. Students who are interested in taking this course in the fall 2018 semester can contact Dr. Hale for more information.  


Media Contact: Dr. Christopher Hale, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice,, or Lynn Stewart, Interim Director of Media and Public Relations,

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