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Campus Federal continues to support Teacher Enhancement Fund

September 28, 2016

In appreciation of the support and patronage of the LSUS faculty, Campus Federal Credit Union has once again contributed to the Teaching Enhancement Fund (TEF). This fund was established by Campus Federal as a way to provide the faculty with opportunities to enhance their teaching skills and strategies and/or support the dissemination of their new knowledge about the art and craft of teaching.

"Campus Federal has been a wonderful partner to LSUS and has provided us with much needed funding for teacher enhancement. They have helped many faculty members attend conferences that have greatly improved classroom instruction," said Kristie Weeks.

Faculty who received funds to supplement departmental or personal resources to cover conference tuition and registration fees were among those in attendance as Campus Federal presented Chancellor Clark a $3,000 check.

"We are really appreciative of Campus Federal for all that they have done and continue to do for LSUS. So many faculty have benefitted from these funds, allowing them to attend conferences that are an invaluable learning experience," said Chancellor Clark. In fact, Chancellor Clark was so moved by the impact this fund has had on Faculty he committed LSUS to match the funds provided by Campus Federal so that an additional $3,000 would be available to for the Teacher Enhancement Fund.

Amounts awarded to faculty members vary as reflected in the cost of the conference or training event, but the maximum amount to any single recipient is $400. The application process is not competitive and funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis. For more information about the TEF, qualifying conferences, eligibility, faculty requirements, and the application process, please contact Kristie Weeks, Director of Online Learning and Faculty Development.

Photo: From Left to Right: Kristie Weeks, Dr. Katherine Wickstrom , Dr. Judith Covington, Dr. Tami Knotts, Dr. Michael Meeks, Andrea McKnight (From Campus Federal), Chancellor Larry Clark, Brian Ainsworth (From Campus Federal), Jason Rampmaier (From Campus Federal), and Dr. Kevin Jones.

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