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Being mindful about yourself

October 05, 2016

What would it be like to completely let yourself go? To relax? Think of it as sitting comfortably in a chair, eyes shut, your back straight, breathing coming easily-silently. The pressure of your back and shoulders dissipating with every cool intake of air. Your mind goes blank as the stress flows through your arms, down your sides, and through your little toes. Your soft eyelids open slowly, returning to a state of knowing and recognition. Does that answer the question?

The counseling services in the administration building on the LSU Shreveport campus provide students, faculty, and staff the ability to experience inner awareness and outer satisfaction through private and group counseling and workshops. The workshops teach how to encompass who you are as an individual, recognize the stresses in your mind, and help you to find quiet meditation to ease discomforts and create peace.

To create the sense of peace, relaxation, and awareness, the Mindfulness Monday meditation session starts with a 15-20 minute warm-up yoga period to relax tensed muscles and bring your busy mind to a stop. Now at a content stage, both your mind and body are ready for quiet thought and focus for meditation.

Angie Pellerin, counselor at LSUS, and Bennett Rachal, a counselor intern, create the peaceful atmosphere every Monday during Common Hour to help ease the tension in students and faculty and create awareness of who each person is and how they cope with stress in their lives.

"As counselors we provide these workshops for students to teach them about meditation and how helpful the process if to not only relieve stress but how to understand yourself," Pellerin said. "Before mediation I dealt with much anxiety in my life, but after implementing the technique I no longer suffer from anxiety."

They also host Wednesday workshops during Common Hour most weeks on topics of mental health, emotional well-being, and how to change negative relationships or circumstances into learning opportunities.

The Mindfulness Monday mediation sessions and Wednesday workshops take place during Common Hour in AD 218. See the calendar on the LSUS website for more events for enlightenment and relaxation.

PHOTO: Angie Pellerin leading students through a yoga routine.

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