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August Doctorate Degree Conferrals

August 29, 2017

On August 8, 2017, doctoral degrees were conferred on Dr. David W. Hylan, Jr., Ed.D., and Dr. Christi M. Rinaudo, Ed.D. As the fourth and fifth Ed.D. degree recipients in the history of the LSUS Leadership Studies doctoral program, David and Christi journeyed to the Registrar's Office together for this momentous occasion!

Dr. Hylan's research investigated "Leader Member Exchange and the Effect of Deaf Identity on Relationship Quality." His dissertation committee members were the following LSUS faculty: Dr. Michael Chikeleze (committee chair), Dr. Melissa Hawthorne, Dr. Emmanuel Clottey, and Dr. Kevin Krug. Dr. Glenn Anderson, with experience in Deaf studies, from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, served as an external committee member.

Dr. Rinaudo's study investigated "The Effect of Service Learning on Medical Students' Cultural Competence and Servant Leadership." Her dissertation committee members were LSUS faculty members: Dr. Melissa Hawthorne (committee chair), Michael Chikeleze, Dennis Wissing (also of LSU Health Science Center), and Jill Rush-Kolodzey. Dr. Hylan's research was funded by the Northwest Louisiana Deaf Community, the Deaf Grassroots Movement-Louisiana, and the Louisiana Association of the Deaf. 

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