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African American Ministers Visit LSUS Campus

March 22, 2016

Ministers from African American churches in the Caddo and Bossier City areas visited the LSU Shreveport campus Feb. 29, 2016 as an invitation from the university to create Center of Influences (COIs). The purpose of their visit was to forge better relationships within the local minority communities in order to spread awareness of the legacy and excellence the institution offers to students. 

“The value of the relationships that this meeting has forged is instrumental in generating positive relationships within the communities where we are seeking to solicit individuals to attend or continue their education with LSUS,” said David Stanford, director of admissions at LSU Shreveport. “The value of having these community leaders engaged with LSUS events and activities is that they have a major platform to provide information and allow joint efforts to educate their members in our efforts to grow our university.”

A few attendees in particular were recognized at the event: guest speaker retired judge Vernon Claville, Pastor Joe Gant Jr, a member of the first graduating class of LSUS, Pastor Roy Thomas, a member of the LSUS’ graduating class of 1978, Pastor Henry Moore, retired from LSUS in July 2016 after 32 years of dedicated service, and Pastor W. L. McAfee, advocate in the education of young men and women.

“This meeting was a great launching pad in gaining the credibility and support needed to effectively get our message across to the masses in gaining a better understanding that LSUS is an excellent destination for a quality education,” Stanford said.

During the event the entrance requirements, scholarship opportunities and the educational programs provided by LSUS were explained to the attendees to provide a clear view of the application process for the university.

Stanford said that great accomplishments were reached at the meeting that will open doors of receptiveness from the community leaders in their outreach efforts.

“Our audience was delightfully enlightened on the quality and affordability of the educational opportunities presented by LSUS,” Stanford said. “The positive impression made on our guests resulted in their requests for LSUS to have further engagement opportunities with their members and organizations to facilitate our recruitment efforts and sharing of information.

They were also allowed an opportunity to directly address their concerns and support to the heads of our institution.”

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