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A User’s Guide to Finding PokéStops on the LSU Shreveport Campus

August 24, 2016

Pokémon, a twenty-year-old phenomenon, has escalated in popularity in recent years in the form of video games and the recently popular Pokémon Go game app. The franchise is making waves with its colorful and diverse array of characters in areas like movies, TV shows, toys, clothing, and décor. The popularity explosion of the new and addictive game, Pokémon Go, features a game screen of Google Maps on your smart phone where players can actually walk around neighborhoods, stores, museums, and parks to catch Pokémon characters in the game. But did you realize that people are on the LSU Shreveport campus daily to find, trap, lure, and snare these charming characters?

Pokémon Go may be another chain in the successful franchise where fans can capture interesting characters, train and evolve them, and compete in Poké battles, but the game also offers players the chance to travel to historic monuments, explore the world around them, and meet new friends.

LSUS is a hot spot for PokéStops where players can start collecting neat items like Poké Eggs to hatch future Pokémon cuties. PokéStops feature objects in the real world that are dedicated with memory plaques or have special cultural significance, or are historic landmarks.

Itching to find these PokéStops at LSUS? Here's a guide to many of the PokéStops on our campus.

PokéStops on the LSU Shreveport campus: 

• Administration Building Courtyard
• Baptist Collegiate Ministry
• Bronson Hall
• Circle of Excellence Plaza
• Museum of Life Sciences
• Noel Memorial Library
• LSUS Sports Field
• Technology Center
• University Center

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your smart phone, bring a friend, and get on over to the LSUS campus where players are already catching Pokémon and training for competitions - you "Gotta catch 'em all!"

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