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Joel Greg Anderson
Student, Alumnus, Current Staff

I remember my first class here in 1987. My professor was the late Dr. Marsala who was teaching History of Louisiana. It was a great class! I remember it very well.

Renisha Sanders

Renisha Sanders
Bachelor of Science, Concentration on Cellular and Molecular Studies, 2009

I most definitely miss the people! From classmates to my teachers, the love is still there. LSUS provided a great atmosphere for learning and thriving, and looking back now I greatly appreciate it.

Nathan Gurinsky

Nathan Gurinsky, MBA
Bachelor of Science, General Business Administration (International Business), 2014

My fond memories of LSUS would definitely have to be playing college soccer and all of the accomplishments we had. Outside of that, it would be getting involved in LSUS while meeting many great people. 

Tasmin Plater

Tasmin Plater, DBA, MSHRM
Bachelor of Business Management and Administration, 2011

Some of my best memories of LSUS always involve finals week. It didn't matter whether you knew everybody or you knew nobody, the students at LSUS stuck together during finals week. Some of my best memories include students I didn't know who were willing to let me borrow their books, help me with my notes, or even spend extra time after school studying - just to ensure I would be okay going into my finals. That changed everything for me. After experiencing that level of support, I was willing to go the extra mile for anyone at my school. Those moments really impacted my life.

Toni W. Thibeaux

Toni W. Thibeaux, MPH
Master of Public Health, 2011

I will always remember the small group discussions in Dr. Wissing's courses. His nutrition course was AWESOME! He was always able to promote student engagement in the classroom and his PowerPoint presentations on nutrition were hilarious. This format of teaching created fond memories of learning for me and my fellow classmates.

Sarah Witherington

Sarah Witherington, MSGC
Bachelor of Science, Biochemical Sciences, 2010

I have so many great friends from LSUS that are now my colleagues in the medical field.  Spending extra time in the Science Building was always worth it.  I met most of my closest friends there!

Jariel E. Norton

Jariel E. Norton, Sr., DDS
Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences (Concentration in Cellular and Molecular Sciences), 2009

EVERYTHING!!! I miss it all, from the basketball games, to the Greek parties (I am a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.), the long-lasting friendships I built while there, and even the days of studying all night in the library.

Erin Smith

Erin Smith
Bachelor of General Studies, 2008

While at LSUS, I was on the debate team under the direction of Trey Gibson. Debate really shaped my personality and professional confidence. I learned to think on my feet, reason through a problem with great care, better understand the decisions and beliefs that others have, and how to present complex information in a clear, concise way.

Jazmin Jernigan

Jazmin Jernigan, MBA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, 2007

During spring, my favorite events were the free crawfish served in front of the student union. My first public gallery exhibition in the student union was a highlight of my undergraduate years. And all those afternoons spent at Noel Library during my graduate program make me quite nostalgic.

Delira Robbins

Delira Robbins, Ph.D.
Bachelor of Science, Biochemical Sciences, 2005

My fondest memories at LSUS were doing undergraduate research with Dr. Beverly Burden and presenting my research at the Annual Student Research Symposium.

Sheila Norman

Sheila Norman
Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications (Concentration in Public Relations), 2002

Working with the Young Republicans and enjoying the UC during breaks.

Chief Alan Crump

Chief Alan Crump
Bachelor of Criminal Justice, 1997

I remember most the student/instructor interaction and the open discussions that were engineered on various topics. The instructors kept the classes interesting, and that sparked learning.

Ashley Rockett

Ashley Rockett, PMP
Bachelor of Science, Accounting, 1995

My best memories of LSUS revolve around the people I met. The typical LSUS student is non-traditional, and being here exposes you to different sets of life experiences, cultures, and perspectives. My dearest friend and study partner from LSUS was 15 years my senior and was raising a 6-year-old child. We both graduated with honors! It was truly a wonderful time and spurred significant real-world growth in me.

Camesha Hill-Carter

Camesha Hill-Carter, Ed.D.
Bachelor of General Studies, 1994

I have so many fond memories at LSUS. My favorite memory is being inducted into the Pi Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Trey Gibson

Trey Gibson
Bachelor of Arts, History, 1994

I have many fond memories that include class time with Dr. Milton Finley, fondly sparring with and being called names by Dr. Bill Pederson, and Spring Fling. Specifically, I remember my first semester when I first met communications instructor Jorji Jarzabek. It was late October and I was heading to class on the third floor of Bronson Hall. Out of nowhere the ugliest hag I had ever seen appeared; It was Halloween! The costume was amazing and to find out it was a teacher made me appreciate LSUS even more. Over the next 25 years I would debate for, against, and then with, Jorji Jarzabek. She was my first debate coach and a great mentor.

Sarah Kirkpatrick

Sarah Kirkpatrick, JD
Bachelor of Arts, Public Administration, 1993

I loved SGA meetings. Though LSUS wasn't a very political campus, I was actually involved in a few local protests and statewide student rallies through my involvement with SGA. Through those experiences, I met some folks I still know. I excelled at committee work, and I enjoyed serving on lots and lots of committees over my tenure. I met my husband at LSUS and through him got to know the Greek system and met some lifelong friends through them. I have fond memories of all my classes with Drs. Bill Pederson and Milton Finley, and I took every class I could with them. Lastly, I enjoyed working in the writing lab, and I still teach new lawyers coming in the same things I told other students who were struggling with their writing.

Victor Mainiero

Victor Mainiero, M.Ed.
Bachelor of Science, Health and Physical Education, 1993

Meeting the person who would become my wife and the mother of our three children.  I remember seeing Melissa on campus, but our first meeting would wait until our final semester.  Through multiple twists and turns, including Melissa’s student teaching assignment changing three times, we would end up together as student teachers at Caddo Magnet High School.

LTC Kevin Broom

LTC Kevin Broom, Ph.D.
Bachelor of General Studies, 1992

I met my wife of 20+ years at LSUS. We took numerous classes together and eventually graduated together in 1992. I also have fond memories of everyone associated with my old fraternity and the Army ROTC Program.

Scott Drach

Scott Drach, MIR
Bachelor of Science, Management, 1989

One of my favorite memories is planting Crepe Myrtle trees on campus with Rotaract club.

Lane R. Rosen

Lane R. Rosen, M.D.
Bachelor of Science, Biology, 1989

I fondly remember faculty members such as Dr. Stephen Lynch and Dr. Cran Lucas, who enjoyed teaching and who cared that students learned and not just sat in class. 

Jon L. Cheek

Jon L. Cheek, M.D.
Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, 1987

Spring Fling and Intramural Sports. I have continued my love of sports through golf, hiking, obstacle course racing and volcano surfing. I've also served on the Alumni Association Golf Committee for the past seven years.

Barzanna White

Barzanna White, Ph.D.
Specialist in School Psychology, 1986

I have many fond memories, but most are connected to the wonderful professors at the time. Dr. George Kemp continues to be one of my mentors to this day as he is a person of exceptional character and a genuinely great man. Other prominent faculty include Dr. Mattie Mosley, Dr. Jean Hollenshead, Dr. Pat Stanley, Dr. Bob Benefield, Dr. Gary Rush, Dr. Pat Doerr, Dr. Georgia Wills, and Dr. Jimmie Smith. I would also like to thank a professor outside of the college, Dr. John Hall. With his "far side sense of humor" and his extensive love of travel, he made geography and anthropology really exciting! And now that I am older, I have been able to travel extensively and experience a lot of the world firsthand.

Lori Baynham

Lori Baynham
Bachelor of Science, Marketing, 1986

I was affiliated with Delta Delta Delta sorority and made many lifelong friends. I had many awesome professors. 

John Flournoy Clifton

John Flournoy Clifton
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, 1984

I earned my water safety instructor certification at LSUS. I served as lifeguard & swim instructor to The Special Olympics and community outreach programs. I enjoyed my educational experience. Courses that stand out include Experimental Psychology, PSYC 425, School Law, Anthropology and Physical Education.

Michael Norman

Michael Norman, Ph.D.
Bachelor of Science, Physics, 1979

Maybe the time I got the keys for the top of Bronson Hall, and my Delta Sig buddies and I used this opportunity to drop water balloons on Kappa Alpha’s Old South festivities.  Everyone thought Moa Afrika did it, but we were the culprit.

Dominic Salinas

Dominic Salinas, Ed.D.
Bachelors in Education, 1977

Parking in the gravel pit, eating the "Snack Shack," Attending very small meetings with Margaret Meade and Capt. Grace Hopper

Bess Maxwell

Bess Maxwell
Bachelor in Communications/Journalism, 1977

I worked on the staff of the Almagest and made lifelong friends there. There were no computers or desktop publishing. We wrote on manual typewriters and laid out the issues on sheets of paper, then took all our copy to the Bossier Press Tribune office. They printed our galleys and we pasted the paper together in their offices!

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