Shreveport, LA – LSU Shreveport is thrilled to add micro-credentials, or MicroCreds, to its portfolio of offerings. MicroCred is geared for the working professional that wants to gain educational experience in an on-demand format. Each MicroCred course allows students to create their online learning journey based on interest and career goals. The flexibility of MicroCreds enables students to stack credentials in around 4-10 weeks each.     

“Digital badges are an excellent way to mark achievement in education,” said Dr. Julie Lessiter, Ed.D., Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives for LSU Shreveport. “It’s a way to engage your students through the learning journey and mark off points where they have succeeded in learning outcomes. We have multiple short-term credentials where we will be adding badging as the recognition of learning.”

MicroCreds can help everyone from current students to working professionals upskill with workforce-ready training for in-demand industries such as information technology and nonprofits. Each program comprises a series of two to five related courses on a specific topic. Successful completion earns the student a digital badge that the learner can share online on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Badges are distributed through Credly with a unique code that validates the achievement’s authenticity. 

Current MircoCreds programs at LSUS include:

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