Shreveport, LA – LSUS Continuing Education is partnering with the LSUS Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Research (INAR) and the Louisiana Alliance for Nonprofits to offer new certificate options for nonprofit professionals. These 100% online Essentials Certificates cover the basic and practical elements that are vital to success, and fill an important void for nonprofit staff leaders, specialists, and generalists.    

“With over 18,000 nonprofit organizations in the state, we believed it was an important endeavor to create short-term certificates to assist in the professional development of those working in this industry that employs roughly 7% of the state’s workforce,” said Dr. Julie Lessiter, Ed.D., Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives for LSU Shreveport. “We’ve all been positively impacted in our daily lives by the work of those in the nonprofit sector, and I’m proud that LSUS will contribute to furthering the success of these organizations.”

High-quality nonprofit education and training create strategic leaders who impact local communities and the world by serving the public good. “The Louisiana Alliance for Nonprofits has partnered with the Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Research at LSU-Shreveport—the state’s first and only institute of its kind, committed to helping the nonprofit sector in the Pelican State thrive—to make high-quality nonprofit education and professional development courses widely available at an affordable cost,” said Jill Roshto, Executive Director for the Louisiana Alliance for Nonprofits.

This partnership enables LSUS Continuing Education to offer Alliance members’ staff a special discounted rate on all courses that lead to essentials certificates online. To receive the discounted rate for their employees, nonprofits can call the LSUS Continuing Education office at 318-798-4177. 

“This significant new collaboration between the Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Research and Continuing Education enhances their existing engagement with the nonprofit community,” said Dr. Tibor Szarvas, Dean of Arts and Sciences at LSU Shreveport. “These new certificates are going to equip members of our regional community to secure in-demand jobs, which is always important and even more so during this time of COVID.”

The impact of COVID-19 in the nonprofit sector is evolving with varied impacts across Louisiana. A critical part of finding solutions is to invest in continual nonprofit education and address the challenges. As roles constantly change, professional development is a tool that allows nonprofit professionals to thrive and close the skills gap. In addition to updating skills, nonprofits need current data to make informed decisions to achieve their mission goals.

Recently, the Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Research (INAR) at LSUS, in

partnership with the Louisiana Alliance for Nonprofits, conducted a statewide survey to better understand the greatest needs of Louisiana’s nonprofit sector. The survey results will be presented at the State of Nonprofits in Louisiana event, hosted by LSUS on June 10th from 8:30 – 11:30 am. This free event will allow nonprofit professionals to receive the latest education, ask questions, and network. To register for this free event, contact Continuing Education at 318-798-4177.  

Dr. Heather Carpenter, Norman A. Dolch Super Professor and Director of the MS in Nonprofit Administration at LSUS, will present economic and workforce data, and the survey results on the administrative practices and capacity-building needs of nonprofits across the state of Louisiana in 2021-2022 and projections for 2022-2023. 

According to Dr. Carpenter, “Little has been done to survey nonprofits across Louisiana in the last few years. This event will report about how the non-profit sector is a vital part of the state economy, how nonprofits have worked on the front lines of COVID, how they are contributing to approximately $23 billion in annual revenues and employing 7% of the state’s workforce.”

Nonprofit Strategic Leadership Certificate

Develop a vision for your organization that enables it to adapt and remain competitive in changing economic and technological climates. Learn the key qualities of effective leadership, discover new approaches to current challenges and trends, and develop a strategic plan to fulfill an organization’s mission. Registration cost of $300. Students may sign up at:

Nonprofit Financial Management Essentials Certificate

Achieve financial sustainability in your nonprofit. Learn how to assess financial statements, budget for operating demands, and study the ethics and compliance basics to ensure a nonprofit’s reputation. Registration cost of $300. Students may sign up at:

Nonprofit People Management Essentials Certificate

People are the core of nonprofit organizations. From recruiting and retaining volunteers to managing board members, effective communication is vital for creating and sustaining a skilled and engaged workforce. Develop a positive culture and generate a competitive advantage with foundational HR knowledge, including emotional intelligence and performance management. Registration cost $350. Students may sign up at:

Nonprofit External Relations and Funds Development Essentials Certificate

Take donor management and fundraising to the next level. Compelling marketing is essential for nonprofits to get attention, grow and meet the needs of the community they serve. Learn practical fundraising strategies and communication tactics to reach diverse areas. Registration cost $300. Students may sign up at:

Nonprofit Grant Writing Essentials Certificate

Take the fear our of Grant Writing with this essential certificate covering grant writing basics with a technical writing refresher. This course will give you the edge in competitive application processes. (No pre-requisite required). Registration cost $350. Students may sign up at:

LSUS Continuing Education provides quality-learning experiences with professional instructors offering a flexible course schedule on campus and at other locations throughout the regional community for a multi-faceted and diverse population based on their educational needs. For more information and a full list of courses, please visit or call 318.798.4177.