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Cran Lucas

Name: Myron Cran Lucas

Title: Professor

Department: Biological Sciences Department

Office Location: Science Building 115C

Office Phone: 318-797-5086

Office Fax: 318-797-5222


Teaching Assignments:

I teach a variety of courses including Bios 106 Human Heredity and Society, Bios 320 Microbiology, Bios 420/420L Cell Biology and Lab, Bios 355 Dinosaurs, Bios 430/430L Molecular Biology and Lab, Bios 460 Microbial Genetics, Bios 462 Astrobiology, and SC480/680 History of Science.

Selected Publications:

For a list of my publications see the link for my CV.

Personal Bio: I have taught at LSUS since 1978. My research and teaching background is in cell and molecular biology. I also enjoy my hobbies which include photography, computer art, and astronomy.

Vita: To review my Vita, please click here.

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