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Veteran Affairs

First Time Applicants

Prior to using your GI Bill benefits for the first time, you must submit an application for benefits to the Regional Processing Office (RPO).  The RPO for LSUS is located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. You can apply for your benefits online at the GI Bill website. Veterans, National Guard, and Reserves must complete VA Form 22-1990. Dependents with transferred Post-911 benefits from their sponsor must also complete VA Form 22-1990. Dependents who qualify for Dependent's Education Assistance (DEA) must complete VA Form 22-5490. After the RPO processes your application (processing time is approximately 8 to 12 weeks) they will send you a letter stating your eligibility status, qualifying chapter, and entitled number of months of benefits. When you receive the letter, please bring it to the Admissions and Records Office so that a copy can be placed in your VA folder. There are additional local forms that must be completed (a.k.a. Blue and Yellow form) for LSUS. These forms are available in the Admissions and Records Office or online. 

One important thing to remember is that under chapters 30, 35, 1606, and 1607, the GI Bill does not pay the university.  It pays the student monthly. As a result, the student is responsible for paying all tuition and fees upfront.  LSUS does not participate in the advance payment program. Chapter 33 is the only chapter that pays fees and tuition directly to LSUS. The Admissions and Records Office must have a copy of your eligibility letters from the VA in order to defer payment of fees and tuition. The eligibility letter states that you are qualified for Chapter 33 and at what percent benefits are payable.

Tuition Assistance

Students planning to use military tuition assistance (TA) should send their approved TA form to Please list your student ID in the e-mail subject line. Additionally, if you plan to use GI Bill Top Up in conjunction with TA, you will need to submit the required forms for using the GI Bill listed on this page.

National Guard and Additional State Benefits for Louisiana Residents

National Guard: The state of Louisiana has additional benefits for LA National Guard (LANG) troops. For additional information, please contact your unit Education Officer. 

Every semester, the LANG sends LSUS a list of all LANG members eligible for the state tuition exemption. In order to receive your exemption at LSUS, complete the Request for Certification of Veteran Education Benefits (blue form) and mark LANG tuition exemption only or LANG tuition exemption and GI Bill. 

Dependants of a Disabled Veteran: The state also offers benefits to certain dependents of veterans who were state residents prior to entering the military and are disabled or died in the line of duty or by service connected causes. Contact the local State Veterans Affairs Office for the parish in which you reside.

Important Notes

All students are required to submit a curriculum sheet signed by your academic advisor to the Admissions and Records Office. The curriculum sheet shows the classes required for you to obtain a degree here at LSUS and will also show any transferred classes that apply toward your degree.

All students are required to fill out the Request for Certification of Veteran Education Benefits (blue form) every semester. The blue form is a request for certification and is authorization that you are continuing your education at LSUS. Your classes will not be certified to the RPO until receipt of a curriculum sheet, blue form, or both.

If you add or drop a course or change a course from credit to audit during the semester, please notify the Admissions and Records Office by submitting the Notification of Dropped or Audited Class(es) (pink form) to the office.

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For questions concerning LSUS VA procedures contact the LSUS Veteran Affairs Office at (318) 798-4130 or email

Any veteran or dependent needing assistance for state VA benefits should contact their local Parish Service Office here.

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