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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Acceptance

If you want to use your financial aid to pay your tuition and fees you must give electronic approval on your myLSUS account.  Please complete the following steps:

STEP 1:  REVIEW YOUR FINANCIAL AID AWARDS - Login to your myLSUS account under Financial Aid Awards and you will see your awards.  You have been awarded the maximum you are eligible for.  If you want to reduce your award, you can request an aid adjustment form from the financial aid office by emailing them at  Be sure to include your LSUS ID# in the email.  

STEP 2:  FINANCIAL AID ACCEPTANCE - Login to your myLSUS then go to "Financial Aid", then "Financial Aid Acceptance", under "Accepted" change the "No" to "Yes" for the appropriate semester and click "Save Changes" NOTE: You must grant your "Financial Aid Acceptance" before the start of EACH SEMESTER! The acceptance flag is available two weeks before the fee payment deadline each semester.  

STEP 3:  CHECK YOUR BALANCE - Go to "Registration" and then select "Tuition and Fees".  If you owe a balance, it will be displayed on this screen.   If your balance is zero, then you are done! Your financial aid will serve as coverage for tuition and fees and hold your classes until your aid is disbursed.  However, if there is a balance in the "Balance Owed Due Date" you must pay the amount by the listed date or your classes will be dropped.   

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