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Specialist in School Psychology


The Specialist in School Psychology Program is organized to prepare candidates to demonstrate entry-level professional knowledge and skills in all domains recommended in both the Standards for Training and Field Placement Programs (NASP, 2000) and School Psychology: A Blueprint for Training and Practice  II (Ysseldyke, Dawson, Lehr, Reschly, Reynolds, &Telzrow, 1997).

The program is a full-time, three-year, 72-hour course of academic study, practicum experiences, and internship. During the first year, candidates develop content knowledge and applied foundations. During the second year, the program augments continued classroom training with closely supervised field experiences. The final year is spent in a full-time (1,200 hours) paid internship in an approved school setting.  A Model Program of Study detailing the expected sequence of coursework is outlined in the program handbook.

Our curriculum promotes a proactive role for school psychologists guided by research and best practices. Today, school psychologists increasingly provide indirect services such as the evaluation of individual, group, or class-wide interventions, designing prevention or crisis management plans, conducting research and program evaluation, and other activities related to strengthening school-wide service delivery for all children.  In the appropriate context, school psychologists may also engage in more traditional, direct services such as individualized assessment and counseling. The core model of the LSUS curriculum is data-based decision making emphasizing empirically based accountability when approaching decisions related to problem identification, problem analysis, progress monitoring, and problem certification.

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