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Graduate Studies

Financial Assistance

LSU Shreveport offers financial assistance to graduate students through a variety of programs including assistantships, loans, and student employment. Since these programs are administered by separate offices, a graduate student interested in applying should contact the appropriate office for more detailed information.

The University offers a number of assistantships for both full-time and part-time graduate students who have been admitted to a graduate program. Full-time graduate assistants must pursue at least nine hours of graduate work for credit in a regular semester. Part-time graduate assistants must pursue at least six hours of graduate work for credit in a regular semester. Full-time assistants receive a full tuition waiver for graduate courses. Part-time assistants receive a full tuition waiver for a maximum of six hours of graduate courses. Only students with acceptable academic records may be appointed to graduate assistantships.

Forms for graduate assistantships are available in the appropriate departmental offices and deans' offices. Forms should be completed and submitted to the appropriate graduate program director. If approved, arrangements are made for tuition waiver and pay. Stipends for graduate assistants may vary depending on the graduate program offering the assistantship and the service rendered.

Reappointment of a graduate assistantship is contingent upon eligibility for continued graduate enrollment and satisfactory performance of duties.

Financial Aid (Loans)
The Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan Program is restricted to degree-seeking graduate students who are taking at least six hours per semester. Interest on the loan is subsidized by the federal government for those who demonstrate financial need. The maximum loan amount is $8,500 or cost of attendance minus other financial aid, whichever is least. Loans under this program are made by banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations. The graduate student must locate a willing lender.

Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans are intended for students whose need does not qualify them for the Subsidized Stafford Loan or for the full amount of the subsidized loan. The student is charged interest on the unsubsidized loan while enrolled in graduate studies.

Loan applications are available from the LSUS Financial Aid Office. Applicants must also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and a Financial Aid Data Form.

Federal Work Study is a joint effort by the federal government and the University to provide part-time employment for students who need financial assistance to attend college. Interested students must complete a FAFSA and a Financial Aid Data form with the Financial Aid Office.

Budget Employment provides campus jobs that are funded by departmental budgets. These full-time jobs may be secured by contacting the administrative assistant or chairperson of the department or by contacting the LSUS Career Center.

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