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School of Education

Completer Data

Louisiana State University Shreveport

2020 Annual Reporting Measures

LSU Shreveport's EPP Annual Reporting Measures data are collected from the following sources:  Louisiana Department of Education, Louisiana Board of Regents, Title II Report, Employer Satisfaction Surveys, Completer Satisfaction Surveys, the LSUS Office of Institutional Effectiveness, and the LSUS Financial Aid Office.  No data were available for the 2019 year. See the following statement from the Louisiana Board of Regents: "Due to discrepancies found in data used to calculate Growth in Student Learning Scores and Compass Teacher Evaluation Scores for new teachers completing individual teacher preparation programs, it was not possible to release 2019 Teacher Preparation Data Dashboards or create a 2019 Teacher Preparation Fact Book.  Please go to the USDE Title 2 website at to locate information about teacher preparation programs pertaining to:  listing of programs, number of enrolled candidates, race and gender of enrolled candidates, number of completers, GPA of completers, Praxis passage rates, and other relevant information."

These data are reported below including trends and programmatic changes based on results.  The EPP is improving efforts to share these data by (1) updating website with user friendly information and details with working links, (2) sharing at Unit and University meetings (Dean, Provost, VC of Strategic Initiatives), and (3) sharing with district partners via regularly scheduled meetings and focus groups.

CAEP Component 5.4 | A.5.4
Impact Measures (CAEP Standard 4)
1. Impact on P-12 Learning and Development & 2. Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness
LSUS Undergraduate Program Data Dashboard, 2017
LSUS Undergraduate Program Data Dashboard, 2018
LSUS Undergraduate Program Data Dashboard, 2019

LSUS Alternate Program Data Dashboard, 2017
LSUS Alternate Program Data Dashboard, 2018
LSUS Alternate Program Data Dashboard, 2019

Louisiana Teacher Preparation Fact Book, 2017
Louisiana Teacher Preparation Fact Book, 2018
Louisiana Teacher Preparation Fact Book, 2019
3. Satisfaction of Employers
Employer Satisfaction Report
4. Satisfaction of Completers
Completer Satisfaction Report
Outcome Measures
5. Graduation Rates
Graduation Rates – Initial and Advanced Candidates
6. Ability of Completers to Meet Certification Requirements
Praxis Pass Rate
7. Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions
2018-2019 Educator Workforce Report
2017-2018 Educator Workforce Report
2016-2017 Educator Workforce Report
8. Student Loan Default Rates and Other Consumer Information
Student Loan Default
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